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What to Expect When Engagement Ring Shopping

Engagement ring shopping is an exciting time in your life. You have decided on asking one of the most important questions and now you must decide on the perfect ring. This task can seem daunting at first, especially if you haven’t shopped for fine jewelry before. There are so many different options to consider, it may feel overwhelming to know just where to begin! Here at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry, we want to take the stress out of engagement ring shopping as it should be an exciting time.


Select a Stone

Traditionally, engagement rings feature a beautiful center diamond. Although, over time, unique gemstones, such as white sapphire and rubies, have been chosen for engagement ring stone over diamonds. We recommend finding out what stone your significant other is interested in as this will help narrow down your selection when it comes to picking out the style, carat size, setting, and other important details. 

Narrow Down the Cut

An engagement ring is a unique symbol of the love you and your significant other share. There are many different styles so it is important to narrow down what type of cut your soon-to-be fiance is interested in. Each style, or cut, is priced differently. This gives you the flexibility to see what styles and sizes match your price and your interests.

Color and Clarity

Color is especially important when selecting a diamond or gemstone ring. The color of a diamond varies from a tinted yellow to crystal clear. The color of a diamond is measured on a letter scale. The more colorless a diamond is, the higher the letter of the alphabet. The more yellow-tinted diamonds fall lower on the scale. While a transparent looking diamond is ideal, they can be the most expensive. Choosing different metals will help lessen the yellow tint appearance of the diamond and make a lower scaled diamond seem transparent. 

Carat Size

Another factor to consider when selecting your center stone is carat size. Depending on the above factors you have decided on, you may want a larger or smaller carat size. Carat size is a measure of the weight of a diamond, meaning a larger diamond will have a larger carat size. 


The next part of the engagement ring is the setting of the center stone. The most classical type of setting is a prong setting, however other popular options include bezel, halo, cathedral, and three pong set.


Choose a Metal

The next step is to select what type of metal you want for your wedding band. You’ll want to pick a metal that complements the cut and color of your stone. While yellow gold is the traditional band, many people are using rose gold, platinum, and other options to complement their own style.


When engagement ring shopping, a lot of focus tends to fall on the center stone. While it is an important aspect of the ring, the wedding band takes careful consideration as well. There are many different styles of wedding bands to choose from. When narrowing down your options it is important to consider the overall appearance of the engagement ring as well as the fit for your significant other. 

Find Your Engagement Ring at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

Now that you know what to expect when engagement ring shopping, it’s time to start looking for the perfect fit. Here at Brittany’s, our expert jewelers are ready to help you every step of the way. Visit our showroom, we can’t wait to help you find the perfect ring!