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White Sapphires vs. Diamonds: Which Should I Choose for My Engagement Ring?

sylvie engagement ring
Classic Round Halo Engagement Ring from Sylvie

An engagement ring will be one of the few jewelry pieces that you’ll wear for the rest of your life. It’s a symbol of your love and should also reflect your personality. Diamond engagement rings are a popular choice, but gemstones are becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings. White sapphires give off a similar look to diamonds without the price tag associated with diamond rings.

Choosing an Engagement Ring Stone

Whichever stone you are initially drawn to needs to be beautiful, personalized to your taste, and durable. These three factors affect the long term health and beauty of your engagement ring’s center stone.

White Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires are most known for their blue variation, but these gemstones can be yellow, pink, and white (colorless.) Sapphires are made up of aluminum oxide and are categorized as corundums. Another notable corundum is the ruby stone.

While white sapphires are the rarest form of a sapphire, they are extremely cost-effective when compared to diamond prices. White sapphires are the whitest gemstone you can choose for your engagement ring and are a great focal point.


White sapphires are a great choice for those searching for the perfect gemstone engagement ring. Some of the benefits include:

  • Hardness: White sapphires score a 9 on the Mohs scale, making it the second hardest gem. Your white sapphire engagement ring will resist scratching, making it stand the test of time!
  • Low Cost: White sapphires are extremely cost-friendly when compared to diamonds. You can choose a large, beautiful white sapphire at a comparable cost to a smaller diamond.
  • Non-traditional: If you are wanting a unique engagement ring that is anything but ordinary, choosing a beautiful white sapphire will make your ring stand out.

Diamond Engagement Rings

engagement ring from gabriel and co
14K White Gold Cushion Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring from Gabriel & Co

Diamonds are sorely coveted in the realm of jewelry. These dazzling stones are made up of carbon and are mined then cut to perfection. Diamonds are graded on four categories, known as the “Four Cs”: color, cut, clarity, and carat.


Diamonds have been the most popular choice for engagement rings and it’s no surprise due to their benefits including:

  • Resistant to Scratches: Diamonds are the hardest stone in the world. With a score of 10 (the highest) on the Mohs scale, diamonds can only be scratched by another diamond. This makes them extremely attractive for engagement rings because they can withstand a lifetime of wear.
  • Highest Sparkle: Diamonds have no competition when it comes to a dazzling stone that sparkles and shines at any angle. If you want a stone that catches the light and draws attention to your hand, diamonds are your top choice.
  • Appearance: Your diamond engagement ring will appear cleaner compared to a white sapphire that has been exposed to the same amount daily wear. White sapphires can appear cloudy when dirty. Both stones, however, require biannual cleanings to maintain a sparkling and dazzling appearance.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings from Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

Brittany's Fine Jewelry Gainesville, FL

White sapphires and diamonds both have numerous benefits. Whenever you are choosing the perfect stone for your engagement ring, you can’t go wrong with either choice. At Brittany’s Fine Jewelry, we have a large selection of dazzling diamond rings and brilliant gemstone engagement rings. We are happy to help you decide on your perfect ring.