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Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection


Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection Brittany's Fine Jewelry Gainesville FL

While home cleaning remedies can satisfactorily clean your fine jewelry on a regular basis, a professional jewelry cleaning is the best way to keep your pieces shining, polished, and perfect. A professional cleaning every six months is critical for the care of fine jewelry. Brittany’s Fine Jewelry offers complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspection services.

Though diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals are among the strongest and most brilliant substances on earth, they still require gentle and considerate care. Fine jewelry is durable and designed to last a lifetime, but in order to keep your jewelry beautiful for your lifetime, you must clean and store your pieces properly.

Cleaning and Inspection of Different Types of Jewelry


As one of the hardest materials on earth, diamonds are extremely durable and can be worn every day, but endless exposure to the elements will affect their appearance. As they come in contact with dirt, natural skin oils, perspiration, makeup, chlorine, hairspray, and other household chemicals, diamonds can become smudged, soiled, dusty, and dull. Substances such as soaps and lotions can cover diamonds with a film that conceals their brilliance, and diamonds are a natural magnet for grease.


Sterling silver is a precious metal that, among others, can oxidize over time. Wearing your silver jewelry on a regular basis keeps the tarnish at bay, improving your pieces with age, and building up a deep patina, but cleaning your silver pieces regularly is also required to conserve their shimmer.

Gold and Platinum

Just as with diamonds, a film can form over karat gold jewelry when the jewelry frequently comes into contact with soap. Therefore, in order to keep your gold from getting dingy, do not shower or wash your hands while wearing it.

An added benefit of bringing your jewelry to Brittany’s Fine Jewelry is that our complimentary jewelry cleanings include an inspection of your piece that checks the prongs and mounting for cracks or excessive wear. We also immediately provide you with a no-charge estimate of any additional attention your piece may require to restore it to mint condition.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

Professionally cleaning your fine jewelry will enable it to last for the duration of your lifetime and beyond as an heirloom for future generations. Check the condition of your fine jewelry regularly. Brittany’s Fine Jewelry offers professional jewelry repair services in addition to cleaning and appraisals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work with you to supply stupendous care for your fine jewelry.