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Jewelry Services

Jewelry Services Brittany's Fine Jewelry Gainesville FL

Brittany’s offers a variety of jewelry services to ensure that your pieces stay perfect even after you purchase them. From jewelry repair and remounting to cleaning and resizing, our jewelers can help your precious stones last a lifetime. To learn more about our jewelry services offered here in Gainesville, Florida, give us a call or contact us online.

Jewelry Repair

With over fifty years of combined experience, our jewelers will repair your prized jewelry with the highest level of skill and caution. We strive to make your pieces as beautiful as ever by replacing missing stones with stones we have in store. If you cannot find the perfect replacement stone, we will utilize our access to every variety of gemstone available, and we promise to produce the perfect stone for you.

Cleaning & Inspection

Complimentary cleaning and inspection is offered at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry for all pieces from our jewelry store. To keep your jewelry forever lasting, we recommend that you have your fine jewelry cleaned and inspected at least once every six months. We ensure that your jewels are secure, along with checking for cracks or extreme wear. If repair is needed, a no-charge estimate will be presented to you promptly.

Remounting & Custom Design

Keeping your jewelry perfect over the years may involve remounting the settings to modernize the look, or creating the perfect mounting for your stones if you cannot find the look you want. We have plenty of designer catalogs to browse through, or one of our jewelers would love to work with you to make your setting as unique as you are. We also offer custom design services to create one-of-a-kind jewelry that is made just for you.

Jewelry Remounting & Custom Design Brittany's Fine Jewelry Gainesville FL

Jewelry Appraisal

We offer detailed and accurate jewelry appraisals for your diamond jewelry. Many jewelry insurance carriers in the area accept our appraisals without exception, and we promise to appraise your diamonds with the utmost precision and the most updated information.

Ring Resizing

Over time, rings and people can change. We offer ring resizing to make sure that your ring will always fit on your hand as perfectly as it did. Come into Brittany’s to get an estimate of your ring resizing.

Ring Resizing Tools Brittany's Fine Jewelry Gainesville FL

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Whether you need ring resizing or diamond necklace cleaning, our Gainesville jewelry store has the services you need to keep your jewelry lasting longer and shining brighter.

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