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3 Simple Tips to Care For and Store Your Jewelry

jewelry storage

Jewelry isn’t just beautiful — it’s also one of the best, most valuable purchases you can make. But it does require some upkeep to prevent it from becoming tarnished or damaged. Those tasks include proper cleaning and storage so that it lasts and retains its sparkle. At Brittany’s Fine Jewelry, we’ve spent over 35 years keeping our customers’ jewelry shining bright.

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How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

When it comes to an engagement ring, couples usually choose something that is classic and will work well for the wearer’s day-to-day life, exactly as it should be. But that’s not always the same as the years go by.

How can you adapt your beautiful engagement ring into a piece that fits who you are after 5 years,

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Your Guide to Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are a jewelry crowd pleaser. These superstars of the jewel world have long been fan favorites of everyone, from members of the royal families to Hollywood heavyweights like Audrey Hepburn. Whether your style leans more simple or you gravitate to the ornate, pearls are uniquely versatile and can be used to dress your outfit up or down,

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The Best Places to Propose in Gainesville, FL

Hand holding a wedding ring

Gainesville is full of beautiful, unique, and sentimental spots to ask one of life’s most important questions, “Will you marry me?”

While we recommend asking this question in a special spot for you and your significant other, we’ve outlined some of the most beautiful places that our wonderful city has to offer. So if you’re in need of inspiration,

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Brace(let) Yourself: Your Guide to Arm Jewelry

gold link bracelet
When it comes to fine jewelry, bracelets always make great gifts. Even if just spoiling yourself, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful bracelet to add to your collection. What makes arm candy so appealing is that it can be enjoyed in a completely different way than necklaces or earrings – after all, you can see a bracelet you’re wearing much more easily than other jewelry! 

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Fun in the Sun: How to Protect Your Jewelry in the Summer

It’s summertime, which means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and hot weather. Summer is the perfect time to reconnect with family, friends, and even yourself (a good vacation can do wonders for your health)! But there’s one thing that summer is not too kind to — your jewelry.

Unfortunately, all the excitement and adventures of summer can wreak havoc on your jewelry,

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Heirloom Jewelry: From Old to New

hands holding rings jewelry box

Whether you’ve inherited sentimental pieces of jewelry from your loved ones or uncovered a vintage gem in your shopping endeavors, your jewelry doesn’t have to look like it’s stuck in the past. With the help of a skilled jeweler, you can bring your favorite jewelry to life with modern updates and stylistic alterations. Love your heirloom jewelry even more with these ideas that pay homage to your jewelry’s former past while giving it a brand new look!

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Your Fine Jewelry Guide For Working From Home

Work From Home Jewelry

When the shift to working from home first started, employees readily embraced pajama pants, slippers, and a quick blouse thrown on only minutes before a virtual meeting. However, now that many companies are implementing plans to continue working from home over the long term, it is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe to suit your new work dynamic without compromising your fashion sense or professionalism. 

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Engagement Ring Metals: Which Is Right For You?

Engagement Ring Metals

Whether you’ve been dreaming of your engagement ring since you were young or daunted by the whole process, we know that there’s a lot to consider while perusing a jewelry showroom. To help set you on your way to finding the perfect ring, we’ve broken down the most popular metals for a clear understanding of all your options. 

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Your Guide To A Gift They’ll Love

Gift Guide

When it comes to shopping for your loved ones, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Whether you love the hunt for the perfect, thoughtful gift or dread the whole gift-giving experience, this guide will help make your shopping sure to lead to a gift they’ll love.

A Gift For Everyone in Your Life

For the Woman Who Has Everything

We all know someone who seems to have just about everything,

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