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The Four C’s of Diamonds: What You Need to Know

DiamondDiamonds are the hardest material on Earth, formed hundreds of miles below the surface in conditions that no other gem would survive. They are also the only gem made out of one single element, carbon—so it is no wonder that we chose them to symbolize our never ending love and prosperity.

When you are thinking of buying a diamond for your significant other, there is a lot to consider. Understanding how diamonds are graded is the first step to making an educated decision of what diamond to buy. Finding the right balance between the four C’s of diamonds can be confusing and difficult, but never fear, we are here to help!

Diamonds are graded based on four characteristics- Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat. Learn more about each grade below.

History of the Four C’s


Clarity of diamonds refers to the number and size of the inclusions, or blemishes, in the stone. Inclusions are like birthmarks; each stone has a different inclusion. The fewer the inclusions, the rarer the diamond. This ultimately affects the value of the gem. The clarity of the diamond is ranked on a scale from F, flawless, to I3, or very included.


The cut of a diamond can either help or hurt the value of the gem by accentuating the natural inclusions and shape of the diamond. The cut is specific to the symmetry and polish of the diamond, meaning that a better cut will better illuminate the diamond.

Four C's of Diamonds Cut Chart


The color of a diamond can range from crystal clear to a light tinted yellow. The color of the diamond can vary in level of importance depending on the personal preference and the ranking of all of the other factors.

Four C's of Diamonds Color Chart


Maybe people believe carat is the size of the diamond; however, carat actually refers to the weight of the diamond. Diamonds for rings are typically anywhere from .1 carats to 5 carats in size. Usually, the higher the carat the larger the diamond; however, keep in mind that every diamond is unique and weight can be shown in a variety of sizes. When shopping around for your diamond, be sure to specify the size of the diamond you are looking for.

Diamond Necklace


The price of a jewel depends on all four of these factors, as each plays an equal role in the grading of the diamond. A larger diamond with more inclusions—hence a lower clarity level and a more tinted color—will cost less than a smaller, near perfect diamond. It is up to you to decide what qualities you and your loved one will want the most in the diamond—choose a diamond that is in your price range that meets those criteria. Each certified diamond should come with a diamond grading report, certifying your diamond’s quality.

Here at Brittany’s we promise to help you find the perfect diamond that is within your price range, yet has everything you are looking for to make a ring that will show your true love to your significant other. To learn more about the diamonds we have available, visit our Gainesville store or give us a call today.