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Engagement Ring Settings: Guide to the Perfect Ring

guide to engagement ring settings

There is a lot to consider when choosing an engagement ring. In addition to finding the diamond and shape that you like best, you must also decide on what setting works best for you!

Settings are the Foundation

Anatomy of a Diamond engagement ring

Your engagement ring setting is the foundation of your ring. It is what holds the band and the diamond together. It can also express your personality and add flair to your engagement ring.

Precious Metal Color

One of the first things to consider when choosing the perfect setting is what color you want your ring to be. There are many different metals and colors to choose from, so it’s important to choose one that will match most of your jewelry. Some of the most popular colors are:

  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Platinum

Types of Settings

There are so many different types of engagement ring settings. We’ve highlighted the six most popular settings.


gabriel & co. ny solitaire prong engagement ring

The most classic and common setting you’ll find is the prong setting. This setting features a metal claw with typically 4-6 prongs that attaches to the diamond, holding it firmly in place. This is a popular choice for engagement rings due to the fact that it allows for the most light to pass through due to minimal metal surrounding the diamond. The prong setting is a timeless style that will look beautiful throughout your life.


simon g bezel diamond engagement ring

The second most popular setting choice is the bezel setting. This sleek option is a top choice amongst those with active lifestyles. The metal setting encircles the diamond with a metal rim, reducing the chance for your ring to snag your clothes. This setting sits flush against the diamond and gives it a modern look.


sylvie halo diamond engagement ring

The halo setting is becoming increasingly popular because it features smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone. This makes your center stone appear much larger than it actually is. The halo setting allows for you to save money on the center stone, but you don’t have to sacrifice sparkle. You will find the halo setting most often paired with the pave band.


If you are looking for a truly unique ring setting, you should consider the cathedral setting. This elegant setting utilizes small arches to “mount” the diamond in place. Cathedral settings typically have a vintage feel and are anything but ordinary.

Three-Stone Setting

three stone diamond engagement ring sylvie

Meghan Markle has paved the way for the three-stone setting to gain notoriety. This setting can be used to symbolize the three big stages in your love story: past, present, and future. Three-stone settings are appealing because you are able to showcase multiple stones in your ring. There can be variations in your ring such as making the center stone larger than the adjacent stones or utilizing different color gemstones.


The final setting is the channel setting. This type uses smaller diamonds to decorate the sides of the bands to enhance the overall sparkle of your engagement ring. The channel setting is a great option for those who want their ring to sparkle at any angle.

Consider Yourself

When deciding on a ring setting, you must consider three things to make your final choice.

Personal style

First off, you must think about your personality and how you want to showcase that through your ring. Are you classic, modern, or something entirely unique? This is important to consider because your engagement ring will be with you many years and you want something that will last a lifetime.

Diamond Shape

Second, you should think about what diamond shape you want. Some diamonds pair better with certain settings. Also, the size of the diamond can affect which setting would suit it best. Smaller diamonds pair better with halo, three-stone, or channel settings. Circle and rectangular diamonds look great with a bezel or prong settings.


Finally, make sure your engagement ring will pair well with your lifestyle. If you are active and tend to use your hands often, you might want a setting that won’t be prone to snagging or have sharp edges. You want to be able to wear your ring everyday, so choose a setting that will allow you to keep up your lifestyle!

Engagement Rings from Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

Whichever setting you decide on, let the experts at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry create the perfect engagement ring. We have countless styles and diamonds to choose from to create a truly personal ring that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to find the perfect engagement ring for you!