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Ring Resizing

No one stays the same forever and you and your loved one will grow and shift with each other through the years. It only makes sense that your ring changes with you. Brittany’s Fine Jewelry offers ring resizing for any ring that has either become dented or may no longer fit right. Whether you got the ring when you said “I do” or it came from a friend at a special occasion, it should be treated with great care, especially when it is being resized.

To have your ring resized, trust the fine jewelry experts at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry. Visit our Gainesville jewelry store today or give us a call to learn more about our services.

Sizing Your Ring

If you’re unsure if your ring is properly sized for your finger, note that it should come off and on with ease. Your ring should not slide around when your hands are by your side; however, it should also not be so tight your finger bulges over it or under it. Rings can often be sized to be smaller and larger depending on your needs. Learn more about ring resizing below.

Sizing a Ring to be Smaller

This is typically the easier transition to make in ring resizing. However, consideration must be paid to the materials and design. When your ring is too small jewelers simply cut a piece out and mold the ring back together. However, if it is a harder material like platinum the ring will not be as easy to mold. Rings with highly decorative designs also have to be handled with extreme care. If not handled properly the design could be disrupted and the ring could look as though it was shoddily made. When the ring is resized the design should look polished and without breaks.

Ring Resizing Brittany's Fine Jewelry Gainesville, FL

Sizing a Ring to be Larger

Ring resizing is slightly more difficult when enlarging the ring. For making a ring larger there are two main methods:

  • Stretching
  • Adding Material

The first method, stretching, is simply stretching the material out so it can fit the finger more comfortably. However, when a ring is resized this way it can only be stretched slightly without hurting the integrity of the ring and its material. When ring resizing is done this way it can only be enlarged by about half a ring size.

Adding material to the ring is essentially the reversed process of how rings are made smaller. The material is cut out and matching metal is added in and molded together to create a larger ring that remains strong and intact. Regardless of the method used the end result should be professional and clean without any visible problems.

Ring Resizing Cost Factors

Due to the varying nature of rings, the costs fluctuate depending on the complexity and the makeup of the specific piece. Bring in your ring to Brittany’s Fine Jewelry and let the experts evaluate costs to resize your ring.

Ring Resizing at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

Brittany’s Fine Jewelry has been in the fine jewelry business for more than 30 years and has an established history of detailed work. We have restored precious family heirlooms with great precision and care and will bring that same attention to your rings as well. We want you to be able to cherish your ring for years to come so if you have any questions please contact us or stop by and talk to a member of our knowledgeable staff.