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Heirloom Jewelry: From Old to New

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Whether you’ve inherited sentimental pieces of jewelry from your loved ones or uncovered a vintage gem in your shopping endeavors, your jewelry doesn’t have to look like it’s stuck in the past. With the help of a skilled jeweler, you can bring your favorite jewelry to life with modern updates and stylistic alterations. Love your heirloom jewelry even more with these ideas that pay homage to your jewelry’s former past while giving it a brand new look!

Restoring Its Former Glory 

At Brittany’s, we love being able to breathe new life into your special heirloom pieces through jewelry restoration. To maintain the integrity of your heirloom, we take the utmost care to preserve all intact work elements and repair or restore what is missing or broken so that it blends seamlessly with the original. In conserving as much of the piece as possible, we restore the jewelry back to its former glory using as much detail, material, and original technique as possible. 

If you have family pieces but are unsure of how to make your heirloom jewelry wearable again, you can rest assured knowing that we will handle your jewelry with delicacy and care. Any new work will be difficult to detect and will last your lifetime — and beyond.

Envision Your Stone in a New Setting

If your jewelry doesn’t match your style preferences, a seamless way to make it better suited to your taste is to remount a stone in a new setting. Often, this is done with engagement rings when the ring style is not to a new partner’s taste, allowing couples to honor their loved ones while creating an engagement ring she’ll love seeing on her finger every day. The value of jewelry shines through in the stones it bears, allowing you to keep a piece of jewelry’s sentiment without its outdated fashion. Talking to a skilled jeweler can help you learn which setting will best suit your stone’s shape and size.

Make It Your Own With Customizations

Customizing your jewelry offers you a unique way to turn someone else’s prized jewelry into your very own. Whether you opt for engravings or create custom features to pair with the jewelry’s current stones, Brittany’s can design and create a piece uniquely yours. 

Is your heirloom engraved with a loved one’s initials or intended to be passed on through the generations? Consider incorporating your own initials to show ownership through the ages or inscribe your piece with a surname, message, or symbol held close to the heart of your family. 

Keep the Stone, Change the Jewelry

If you’re holding onto a piece of jewelry that you love due to its sentimental value but don’t wear, consider transforming the jewelry into a new piece that you’d reach for more often. For instance, a pendant can easily be turned into a charm or ring, or vice versa, given the proper technical care of your jeweler.

One of our favorite ways to bring an outdated piece new life is repurposing a strand of pearls. A simple update to this classic fashion is to elongate or shorten the length of your necklace for a new look. However, you can go far further with re-envisioning your pearls by incorporating the pearls into new styles, like creating a pair of pearl earrings alongside a ring. 

Refresh With a New Stone

Jewelry trends come and go, but some designs are classic and never seem to go out of style. If you have jewelry that is dated, dull, or simply not as enticing to wear anymore, consider replacing your stones for a fresh new twist on your old favorites! 

Replacing a dull diamond for a sparkling new beauty is an easy way to upgrade your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings without the added cost of a new setting. Giving your old pieces a new, fashionable look ensures that your look never gets stale. Passing down a gemstone piece? Swap out the stones for the new recipient and create a new custom piece with your former gemstones for you to enjoy even longer. Remounting or swapping stones is a wonderful way to pay homage to the past while extending the life of your jewelry investments.

Entrust Your Heirlooms to Our Expert Jewelers at Brittany’s

When it comes to handing over a treasured piece of jewelry, it’s crucial to partner with a jeweler you can truly trust to care for them. At Brittany’s Fine Jewelry, we understand the invaluable sentiment of heirlooms. With the utmost respect for your heirlooms, we can help you reimagine your jewelry and bring it back to modern times — and into your regular jewelry ensemble with styles you love.