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Propose Now, Decide Later: The “Will You” Ring Trend

Propose Now Decide later
Creating the perfect proposal and choosing the perfect ring without your significant other can be quite challenging. You may not be 100% sure what ring size, shape, or setting would be the perfect fit for your bride. This is a problem that plagues all grooms to some extent especially when trying to keep the perfect proposal as a surprise. But the new rise of the “Will You Ring” trend is setting out to change the way in which couples shop for engagement rings.

What are “Will You” Rings?

“Will You Rings?”, also known as “Placeholder Rings”, go by many different names, but they all solve the same exact problem– making the perfect surprise proposal with the perfect ring. A “Will You” ring is a ring that the groom uses to propose to his future bride. As mentioned earlier, it can be hard to keep the secret that he’s going to be popping the question, especially if he is constantly asking the bride about her opinion on what engagement ring style she would prefer and sneaking her jewelry off the counter to find out her ring size. This is exactly where and how the “Will You” ring trend began to gain traction. The groom is able to pick out a placeholder ring to propose with, without the stress of finding the “perfect” ring the first time. This keeps the proposal a secret and allows the engaged couple to return to the store later on and pick out the perfect ring, together.

Benefits of “Will You” Rings

In this day and age, many modern brides-to-be have been planning and envisioning their engagement ring cut and style, repinning ideas on their Pinterest board, and saving posts of their favorites on Instagram. Even with all the modern tools available to them, it can place a lot of pressure on the grooms-to-be, who want to give their partners a ring they will cherish forever.

That’s where “Will You” rings come into play.

Finding the Perfect Ring can be Stressful

If you’re not ready to commit (to the ring, not your fiance!) a placeholder engagement ring can offer you the priceless gift of time: time to make sure that the ring they will wear for the rest of your life is something that both you and your future spouse are in love with. Trying to make this big decision on your own can be quite stressful for the groom. While you may know your fiancee inside and out, most of the time there is still a twinge of fear on both sides that perfect ring may not be chosen.

While many couples are choosing to undertake the task of choosing the perfect wedding ring together, there is still an innate pressure and drive for the groom to undertake this task on his own. By choosing to purchase a placeholder engagement ring, this satisfies both parties’ needs. The groom gets the satisfaction of a surprise proposal and the ability to pick out a beautiful piece that reflects his heart for the bride. And better yet, after the proposal, the future bride and groom are able to return in hand in hand to select a timeless piece that can complement or replace the placeholder.

Experiment With Different Ring Styles

Because this is not your final ring, placeholder rings offer the opportunity to be adventurous! This is you and your fiance’s time to shop around and play with different ring settings, metals, and unconventional colored gemstones. We are seeing a rise in colored gemstones such as emeralds and rubies being used in an engagement ring. If your not ready to 100% commit to fully splurging on an engagement stone that it isn’t a traditional diamond, placeholder rings can allow you to be adventurous and test-drive an emerald engagement ring.

Brittany’s Fine Jewelry has the largest selection of beautifully cut gemstones in the Gainesville area. Our selection boasts of a wide variety of pieces that include emeralds, rubies, peridot, and sapphires each in set in intricate and unique settings that you won’t find anywhere else.

Stackable Engagement Rings
Stackable Engagement Rings

As time goes on throughout a relationship couples often add on additional bands to the wedding ring in celebration of their 25th anniversary, 50th anniversary, the birth of their first child, and so much more! But why wait until after your wedding to put those memories into something tangible? The time of your proposal is a moment that all couples cherish. Sticking along with the “ Will you Ring” Trend, a groom may opt to select a stackable engagement ring that can later be sautered to the engagement ring that he and his bride later pick out. Adding additional bands to the engagement ring are fun and memory-infused approach to creating a unique engagement set!

Avoid Damaging or Losing Your True Ring

Beyond the wedding day, having a placeholder ring that you can pull out if a variety of scenarios can be beneficial. Hiking through the mountains? Spending the day gardening? Going on an adventure that puts your ring at risk? Although we don’t think about it on a daily basis, our hands, and ultimately our rings, go through a lot of wear and tear throughout the years. We have seen the rise of silicone rings and other alternatives to try and combat the idea of possibly losing or damaging your ring while on the go. But in all honesty, they aren’t very nice to look at when stacked against a traditional ring. A placeholder gemstone ring offers the freeness of mind that if something unfortunate were to happen, ultimately it wouldn’t be as catastrophic as losing your grandmother’s heirloom diamond ring.

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Shop “Will You” Rings at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

At Brittany’s Fine Jewelry we offer a range of options to help you pull off your perfect proposal should it include a “Will You ?” ring. Unlike many other jewelers, we offer a 45-day return policy to help ensure that you and your fiancee pick out the perfect ring without the pressure that many other couples experience.

Find your perfect “Will You” ring at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry Today!



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