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Something Old and Something New

Brittany's Fine Jewelry Fashion Something Old and Something New

“Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue”

For years brides across the world have held true to the traditions of this old english rhyme. But finding creative ways to incorporate these traditions into a trendsetting and modern wedding can be difficult. We’ve compiled 4 selections of wedding jewelry, each nodding to different wedding eras in a creative spin on “something old and something new” for your wedding look.

1920s-1940s- Jewelry in Full Swing

1920s fashion is not one that we’ll soon forget and the designers of today are bringing it back in all of its glory. The 1920’s gifted us the flapper style complete with youthful silhouettes, boyish drop waistlines, and bold jewelry.

Emerald Cut Stones

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Simon G Jewelry

Emerald cut stones were very popular and were commonly used in the wedding bands during this time. This Simon G. engagement ring pictured puts a new twist on a traditional emerald cut setting by adding a central round cut diamond.

Large Pendant Necklaces

Simon G. Vintage Explorer Wedding Pendant 1920s Brittany's Fine Jewelry

To offset the blank canvas that was created with drop-waist gowns, brides in the 20s and 30s often wore long draping pendant necklaces on their wedding day. Pendants are a unique and practical piece that not can only be worn on the day of the event but in the months and years to come. This Simon G. pendant is a perfect way to tie in the 20s to your bridal look.

Art Deco Engagement Rings
Gabriel and Co. Art Deco Floral Engagement Ring Brittany's Fine Jewelry Gainesville Fl

An enduring style that was popular during this time was art deco floral engagement rings. These rings have soft, floral curves but also reflect the dynamic and bold style of the period through their use of geometric diamond and gemstone cuts. These rings are also known for their delicate filigree details, which was an art that was perfected in this period using die-cutting machines.


1950s-1970s Wedding Fashion and Jewelry Trends Brittany's Fine Jewelry

1950s-1960s “Less Dress- More Jewelry”

The 1950s ushered in an era of shorter hemlines and fun experimentation with jewelry on and off the wedding scene. Movie stars such as, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and first lady Jackie Kennedy all made a major impact in the fashion industry. Classy yet functional and to be completely honest some of the most iconic wedding looks we’ve seen yet! Large bold statement earrings and pearl earrings helped elevate wedding looks despite the shorter hemlines. Shorter necklaces such as such as chokers began to come into style.

Choker Necklaces

Gabriel and Co. White Diamond Choker Brittany's Fine Jewelry

With high detailed necklines the new fashion, necklaces shortened into smaller pendants and choker-style necklaces. This iconic 14k white gold diamond choker from Gabriel and Co. is similar to the styles we saw graces the necks of the movie stars and elite of the 50s. The shorter neckline pairs perfectly with many different styles of wedding dress from an embroidered mermaid style wedding dress to an off the shoulder organza ballgown.

Diamond Studded Earrings

Simon G. White Diamond Statement Stud Earrings for Wedding Day - Brittany's Fine Jewelry

Bold and beautiful earrings also give a nod to the 50s and 60s. Most brides wore their hair in an elegant updo and so was the perfect opportunity to showcase unique earrings. These vintage inspired Simon G. stud earrings are sure to make a statement on your big day.

1970s- 1990s Wedding Fashion and Jewelry Trends Brittany's Fine Jewelry

1970-1990s “Don’t Sleep on Statement Sleeves”

The 80s and even 90s fashion was all about making a statement. As a wave of high necklines and dramatically puffed sleeves moved down the aisle, statement earrings such as the pearl studded ones shown above became the perfect complement to the puffed gowns. Unlike the white metals that had been previously predominantly used, gold medals also rose in popularity and became a raging trend in engagement rings. The beautiful wedding set pictured above is perfect for the recent wedding jewelry trend of stackable rings. High lace necklines and the use of pearls for accessories have continued to grace the wedding aisle and we believe will continue to do so for quite a while!

Gold Metals

Gold Stackable Wedding and Engagement Ring Set Brittany's Fine Jewelry

We have seen the use of white gold and platinum settings throughout history, but in the 90’s gold metals made a comeback in the wedding industry. This pear-shaped stackable set is the perfect fusion of the use of gold metal settings and ring stacking. Today we’ve seen a recent shift towards stackable engagement rings that can continuously be added onto far past the wedding day. Add a new band for your first anniversary, 25th anniversary, 30th birthday, or any other momentous occasion.

Pearl Accessories

Gabriel and Co. 14k White Gold and Pearl Stud Earring Brittany's Fine Jewelry

Pear accessories are timeless for any bride in any era, but we did see then quite a bit in the 70s and into the 80s. Pearls convey a sense of class and elegance that is perfect for a traditional wedding inspired look. These white gold cultured pearl earrings put a fun new twist on the classic pearl stud earring.

“2000s-Present “Intentional Elegance”

Nearer to date, we have seen the emergence of a wide range of wedding design blends on our 21st century brides. Long trailing silk and satin gowns now stand alongside tan meshed gowns with intricate lace detailing. While large sleeves may have stolen the show in the past, the use of intentional and classic jewelry to complement the wide range of wedding dresses today has become the norm. Although only few pieces may be worn, statement earrings such as the Sylvie pear shaped pendant earrings will still bring elegance and class to any wedding look.

Detailed Settings

Cheri Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring Brittany's Fine Jewelry

In this day and age the engagement ring is shown to everyone and anyone on every social media platform once the important question is popped. Unique and detailed engagement rings are a prevalent trend in our day and age and help a bride to stand out. This detailed Cheri vintage-inspired engagement ring has us swooning with its intricate metal work and modern halo setting.

Statement Earrings

Sylvie Classic Pear Shaped Earrings Brittany's Fine Jewelry

These Sylvie pear-shaped drop earrings are the perfect complement to an elegant updo and the modern 21st century wedding.

Simon G. Mosaic Earrings Wedding Details Brittany's Fine Jewelry

These Simon G. mosaic earrings are able to stand with or without additional jewelry. These showstoppers are a highlight to any wedding look and will bring an intricate and intentional feel to any look.

We hope that these small collections have inspired you to incorporate a piece of the past into your special day. In need of some more inspiration? Follow our Pinterest board to see the latest ideas for styling your wedding day with a twist of something old and something new!

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