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Which Wedding Band is Best for Him?

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Your fiancée had probably been planning her special day for a while now — perhaps even since she was a young girl. Most likely she has a good idea of the type of engagement ring she preferred. She might have dropped subtle hints or even showed you pictures from a magazine of the styles she likes. In this internet age, she probably shared images of rings that she has pinned on Pinterest.

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Yet with all the time and effort that you put into finding the perfect engagement ring for her, you probably hadn’t had the chance to put much thought into your wedding band. I realize that another reason that you hadn’t put much thought into it yet is that you’re just not too interested in rings. Maybe your interest will be piqued when you see all of the options available to you. The sky’s the limit and your input is important. After all, you’ll be wearing this piece of jewelry for a long time.

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Factors for Choosing a Wedding Band

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right ring for you.


Determining the best metal for your wedding band starts with examining your lifestyle: what you do for a living and what your hobbies are. For an example, if you are an electrician, you might want to avoid metals that have conductive properties and opt for one made of ceramic or silicon. (Of course, these alternative materials could serve as your “workplace” band, and you could wear another style at other times).


Your hobbies or other spare time activities also play a role in deciding which metal your band should be made of. If you enjoy working on cars, you might want to steer clear of the softer metals like platinum, gold or silver and choose a harder metal that is more resistant to scratching. If you are a swimmer, you will probably want to avoid a band made of gold because chemicals like chlorine can cause the band to become brittle over time.

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Your wedding band is not only an expression of marital commitment but also an expression of your personal style and should reflect that. You may choose a traditional band profile like half round or one that is comfort-fit, or prefer a more modern look like two-tone or hand-engraved. You can also choose to personalize the band by engraving it to add a personal touch. Or leave it up to your fiancée to add a special message or scripture verse in a brawny font or even in her own handwriting.
For more information please read: Guideline for Men’s bands

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