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The Most Common Questions About Ring Resizing

Ring resizing is actually more common than one might think. After a perfect engagement, some realize that the engagement ring doesn’t fit quite right. Or perhaps, you’ve had your ring for a while and it just doesn’t fit quite like it used to. 

When your ring doesn’t fit, the best solution is to have it resized to your correct ring size. You can have your ring resized locally here at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry! If you have any concerns or questions, check out some of the most common questions we receive about ring resizing, outlined below. As always, feel free to visit our showroom and we can offer any additional help you may need.

Is Resizing a Ring Bad?

It is better to resize a ring than to have it be too big or too loose. You should feel completely comfortable when wearing your ring, without fear of losing it or it feeling uncomfortable. The process to shrink or enlarge a ring will require cutting into the metal. When done properly, the risk is minimized to your ring. 

How Long Does Ring Resizing Typically Take?

A typical resizing takes about one week to complete. The time and cost will heavily depend on the type of ring you bring in. More intricate banded rings will take longer due to the amount of detail required to workaround. 

Does Ring Resizing Weaken My Ring?

Ring resizing requires manipulation of the ring’s band, but there’s no reason to worry. In some cases, one of our jewelry experts may cut into the ring shank when enlarging or shrinking the band in order to resize it. Then, the jeweler will solder or laser the shank back together. 

We take precautions during the entire resizing process to ensure that your ring is protected. Our jeweler will inspect the ring before and after the sizing, making sure that no damage occurred during the resizing process. However, some rings that are brought in to be resized have been worn for a number of years and we cannot guarantee that your ring will return to its original appearance when it was purchased. 

Can a Ring with an Engraving Be Resized?

In some cases, our jeweler can avoid the engraving when sizing, but more often than not, the ring will need to be re-engraved once the sizing is complete.   

Can Every Ring Be Resized?

Which rings that can be resized depends entirely on the type of ring that you have. For instance, rings that have stones on the shank or band will be more difficult to size since this is the area that has to be manipulated during the sizing process.  Once our jeweler examines the ring and the new size needed, we can advise on the best method. Additionally, some harder metals such as stainless steel, tungsten, or titanium rings can’t be resized. 

Typically going up or down up to two sizes is within reason for the jeweler. Make sure to consider the width of your band, thinner and thicker bands are more difficult to resize. 

What if I Don’t Know My Current Ring Size?

Our team of jewelry specialists can help you pinpoint your correct ring size. If you come by our showroom, our team would be more than happy to assist you in finding your ring size. 

Ring Resizing with Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

Ring resizing can be intimidating if you don’t know what to look out for. We hope that these answers will have eased any of your concerns. If you have more specific questions about our process or about your specific ring, please contact us!