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The Best Jewelry For Formal Outfits

‘Tis the season for formal occasions and thus, formalwear. Make sure all heads turn your way as you enter the room with the perfect dress and the perfect piece or pieces of jewelry. Whether you are attending multitudes of holiday parties or gearing up for New Year’s Eve festivities, we hope that by the end of this Formalwear How-to you will confidently, not frantically, be able to plan your perfect holiday attire.

It’s every woman’s nightmare. You have nothing to wear because every piece of clothing in your closet seems dull. Don’t fret – we have great news! Many of the dresses, pant suits, or other formal pieces that you already own, if simple, can be worn again. Before you scream in horror at the possible fashion faux paus, let us explain. Yes, people may have seen your previously worn apparel, but don’t underestimate the power of a knockout piece of jewelry to transform the look. Trust us, if you don that traditional black dress, again, no one will look at anything other than your statement piece of jewelry. It could be a necklace, bracelet, or teardrop earrings. Just make sure to choose the focal point of your ensemble and the rest can coordinate from there with these helpful tips.

  1. Statement Pieces in the Spotlight – To be clear, statement pieces are not always jewelry. Although jewelry can turn heads faster than almost any other accessory, we can’t deny the impact of an elaborate dress with intricate beading or a high necked, ruffled shirt underneath your gorgeous new blazer. From eye-catching shoes to bold belts and handbags, anything can be considered your statement piece. And that’s the best part. It’s your statement piece, so make it impact how you feel about yourself. Nothing cheers up an everyday outfit like a touch of you, affirming your own personal style. The important thing to remember when coordinating your different outfits, is that your jewelry must compliment whatever you are wearing. Quick fact to remember: opposites attract. When clothing is elaborate, go simpler with jewelry. When a piece of jewelry is the focal point, pair it with a solid color and little embellishment. You only want one statement or the effect is lost.
  2. Simple versus Statement Pieces – Just because a piece of jewelry is simple, does not mean it isn’t gorgeous. Sometimes less is more. Let’s go over some formalwear scenarios.
    • Solid-colored Strapless Gown (simple): Pair it with your most decadent, formal necklace. This necklace could be a pendant that drops down, especially if your dress has a sweetheart neckline, or any beautiful statement piece like a collar or bib that does not dip down lower than your dress. Next, add beautiful earrings that don’t detract from the necklace. An example might be incorporating similar stones and colors as the necklace displays, and sticking with a stud setting instead of a dangle.
    • Embellished or Detailed Gown (statement): In this case, when the embellishment of the dress is close to the neckline, never distract from it with a necklace. No matter how simple the necklace, go without it. Instead, enrich the detail of the dress with bold and beautiful earrings. A good choice would be chandelier earrings with exquisite stones that compliment the stones or beads in the dress. A coordinating, delicate bracelet may also be an option as the wrist is far removed from the detail up top, but very much a part of the entire look.
  3. The Forgotten Accessories – When styling a fashion classic, everyone will run to the earrings, necklace, and bracelets to be sure. But what if your style of dress is a little more complicated to accessorize? For example, take a little black dress that has an embellished design and a high collared neckline. Remember for this style necklaces are out and sometimes elaborate earrings, too. Don’t despair! This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate the forgotten pieces of jewelry: rings and brooches.
    • Rings: During formal occasions, these can be the perfect way to accentuate your ensemble. If you are married or engaged, move some attention to your other hand for a change with a statement ring or even delicately stacked rings. Bring your own personal style into the match process and don’t be afraid to go bold. Do remember to keep it to one piece, or in the case of stacking rings – beautiful in fine gold or silver – make sure you limit the ring party to one finger, at the most two, if you would like to add a single, delicate ring.
    • Brooches: Outdated? No. New and improved? Yes. No longer are brooches a tale from the past, but a creative way to input your own style on anything you wear. Rules have changed, however. Placing your brooch on the top third of your chest is not the only place for it. Fasten a brooch to enclose your shawl, use as an add-on to jazz up a belt, or even hook it on a beautiful chain necklace as the focal point of your new statement piece of jewelry. Brooches do not just come baring diamonds, but other exotic stones as well can be placed upon these subtle beauties.

We could go on and on about the endless possibilities for your formalwear during this holiday season. Thankfully, our experts at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry are always available to talk fashion and trends and are more than happy to assist you in accessorizing your formalwear. Don’t hesitate to stop in and ask questions. Let us help you create the statement look you desire, so you can walk confidently into that next holiday function. Happy Holidays from all of us at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry!