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The Five Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

While the most basic purpose of clothes is covering, the most basic purpose of jewelry is embellishing. The intention of wearing jewelry is to finish off a look with style and finesse, so the right piece of jewelry is crucial for completing your ensemble for your day, your evening, or your next big event.

In order to be prepared for any outfit and any occasion, you should equip your jewelry collection with the most versatile and classic accessorizing options, and the five essential pieces that Brittany’s Fine Jewelry has listed here will enable you to do just that. As jewelry experts, we’ve made a list of the most stylish and serviceable jewelry that every woman should own

The Five Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

1. White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

gabriel co white gold diamond earrings stud Brittany's Fine Jewelry Gainesville FL

Diamond studs are earrings that stay close to your ear as opposed to dangling beneath your ear. Stud earrings draw just enough attention to your face without being too attention seeking themselves.

A more simple and standard type of stud would be gold, silver or pearl studs, but for those who prefer their daily dose of sparkle, diamond studs deliver the perfect amount of glamour and elegance without being too flashy for work or errands. You can define your personal tastes even more by selecting white, yellow, or rose gold for your stud earrings. Studs keep your look polished will still posing as a flexible backdrop for the rest of your attire.

2. A Pair of Hoop Earrings

diamond hoop earrings Brittanys Fine Jewelry Gainesville, FL

As earrings are so easy to wear and help keep your earholes from looking empty, a great second set of earrings to purchase is a pair of hoops. Hoops are another multitalented embellishment because of how basic yet beautiful they can be. Your pair of hoops could come in white, yellow, or rose gold; be small, oversized, thick, or thin; and they can even be covered in diamonds as well. Hoops are a more substantial earring option, but they can still play the supporting role in an outfit rather than becoming the star of the show. Hoops of any kind can be quite timeless, yet they can still reflect exactly who you are.

3. A Statement Necklace

statement necklace Gabriel and Co Jewelry Brittanys Fine Jewelry Gainesville, FL

The modern understanding of a statement necklace is a larger, heavier, more elaborate piece of jewelry, but at Brittany’s, we believe any necklace can be a statement necklace as long as it is communicating the statement you want to make. You could choose a collar or bib necklace that features many different stones and hues, or you could streamline your style with a long gold or silver chain.

A strand of pearls has been an accessorizing staple for decades, but a pendant necklace is also always in and could be updated with a locket or some crystals. As long as you have a piece that can fill in a blank neckline or add a subtle touch of sophistication to an otherwise plain top, you will be ready for anything with a statement necklace of your own.

4. A Signature Bracelet

stackable bracelets Gabriel and Co Brittanys Fine Jewelry Gainesville FL

The statement necklace for your wrist would be a signature bracelet: one that is understated and wearable yet always there to slip a lovely moment into any look. Great examples of a signature bracelet that can become your go-to piece include a tennis bracelet lined with diamonds or colored gems or a charm bracelet showcasing prized parts of your life.

If you intend to regularly direct a lot of eyes to your arm, make a bigger move with a metallic cuff, or demonstrate your resourcefulness with a menswear-inspired watch that is equally functional and fashionable. Give your wrist a chance to contribute to your style with a signature bracelet that puts a proportional spot of shine on both your LBD and your favorite T-shirt.

5. A Cocktail Ring

Gabriel Co Statement Ring Brittanys Fine Jewelry Gainesville FL

A cocktail ring is like catching a comet on your fingers: this accessory is designed to drop some jaws. As your left hand usually carries meaningful pieces such as wedding bands or heirloom rings, your right hand is generally considered the place for intrigue and indulgence.

A cocktail ring or right-hand ring can be stackable or stand alone, but most importantly, it should be sizable and stand out. A cocktail ring that you pop on for a special event should be the focal point of your outfit, and a right-hand ring that stays on your hand 24-7 should express your true personality. No matter which you pick, be sure to empower your panache with a significant ring.

The One Jewelry Store with Something for Every Woman

Once you have formed the foundation of your jewelry wardrobe with these five indispensable pieces, you can build out the possibilities even farther with trendy items such as chandelier earrings or a chunky bracelet. With the wide variety of shapes, shades, and designs available at quality shops such as Brittany’s Fine Jewelry, the bounds of your jewelry collection and the range of your refinement are limitless.

As long as you have your ideal take on these five jewelry essentials, you can seal any look with style and wield the confidence you need to take on the world. To start assembling your jewelry essentials, visit Brittany’s Fine Jewelry today!