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How to Shop for Gameday Jewelry: Your Guide For College Football Season

display of florida gators gameday jewelry

Cheering on your favorite college team goes a lot further than simply watching the game. Here in Gainesville, it’s more than just a football game. From tailgates to gameday fashion, football season is a lifestyle. Jewelry pieces can make you stand out on game days and every other day you want to promote your team.

Show Off School Spirit with Jewelry Pieces

You can support your team with jewelry pieces that show off your love for your team. It’s an easy way to dress up your gameday outfit and create topics of conversation when your team is away.

The Best Jewelry for Game Day

For any type of style, there is a jewelry piece that is perfect for your gameday fashion. You can go understated or glamorous all while cheering on your favorite college team.

Statement Earrings

florida gator gold hoop earrings

If you want everyone to know who you are cheering for, choose statement earrings to make sure there is no question of who you hope wins the game. Statement earrings come in many different forms from gemstones in your school colors to pieces that feature your team’s mascot. In Gainesville, we love these University of Florida Gator hoop earrings to make a bold statement on Gator game days.

Bracelet Featuring School Mascot

Gator Jewelry Brittany's Fine Jewelry Gainesville, FL

To make a bold statement, you can wear a bracelet that pays homage to your school’s mascot. This can be the entire piece or a small part of the bracelet. With a statement bracelet, you can take your outfit from simple to glamorous with just one jewelry piece.

Pendant Necklaces

florida gator gold necklace

The appeal of pendant necklaces is that they are simple and easy to wear with any gameday outfit. You can have either a casual look or a luxurious outfit with a pendant. Plus, pendants can feature your team’s logo, mascot, or a colored gemstone to match your school’s colors. It fits anyone’s taste and can be worn outside of game days.

Stud Earrings

The opposite of statement earrings, stud earrings can be a great addition to your game day style. Like a pendant necklace, stud earrings can come in a variety of styles to fit anyone’s taste. Simple pearl earrings can dress up your outfit for the game or you can add brightly colored gemstone stud earrings to match your team. Stud earrings offer versatility and endless opportunities to wear them. It doesn’t have to be a Saturday in the fall for you to sport these simple, sleek earrings.

Gemstone Rings

set of three blue gemstone and diamond rings

Last, but certainly not least, are gemstone rings. You can add these rings to your outfit to accent your other jewelry pieces on game day or it can serve as the only statement accessory. Gemstone rings are beautiful and timeless, but also serve as a reminder of who you are cheering for. They also give any outfit extra sparkle.

How to Choose a Gameday Jewelry Piece

If you’re not sure which fine jewelry piece will work best for your gameday style, we’ve broken it down into two categories to narrow your selection.


Gameday style is dictated by your team’s colors. In the same way, these colors will affect which pieces you are interested in. In Gainesville, we recommend tanzanite and sapphire gemstones for blue pieces. You can also opt for strictly metal pieces that have a touch of school spirit.

Going for Statement or Simplicity?

Once you decide on the colors, you can choose the level of statement you want your gameday jewelry pieces to have. If you lean on the simplistic and minimalist side of the spectrum, a beautiful pair of tanzanite stud earrings or a simple Gator head pendant necklace make a great choice. On the other hand, a bold cocktail ring or large gemstone earrings can make your look stand out on Saturdays.

Your jewelry choices don’t have to be reserved for only game days. Your school spirit shines every day of the week, so why shouldn’t your fashion jewelry? Choosing a pair of eye-catching Gabriel & Co. hoop earrings can elevate your gameday look, but also every other outfit you wear during the week!

Florida Gator Jewelry from Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

Brittany’s Fine Jewelry is happy to call Gainesville our home. We carry a wide selection of Florida Gator jewelry to make your gameday outfits even more dazzling. Cheer on the Gators with beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more from Brittany’s! Visit our showroom today to get ready for football season.