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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band

Groom putting a wedding ring on his wife's finger

With so much anticipation surrounding your engagement and the thrill of your hallmarked wedding milestones, that excitement can easily overshadow choosing the wedding bands that you and your partner will wear every day. While buying wedding bands might seem like an afterthought, choosing these rings is a special step along your journey to the big day. With so many other highlights of your wedding to talk about, ensure that you’re not overlooking finding the perfect wedding bands for you and your partner to commemorate your bond. 

When to Start Looking

So, they’ve popped the big question, and wedding planning is fully in motion. Now, when do you pick out your wedding bands? However you choose to shop for wedding bands, you should start looking about 3 to 4 months before your wedding day. Doing so will give you plenty of time to make the right choice without feeling overwhelmed or rushed. Ideally, try to have your wedding bands purchased and in hand at least a month before your wedding. By aiming to have these rings in hand ahead of time, you’ll be able to mitigate the risks of any shipping delays or issues with sizing and final appearances. 

When deciding how to shop for your wedding bands, you can choose to do this together as a team to pick out matching wedding bands or find rings that highlight your unique styles. Your wedding band is a special piece of jewelry that will be worn every day thereafter, so finding the perfect ring that timelessly suits your tastes is paramount. 

Are you both always up for surprises? If you know your partner tastes and want another memorable element on your big day, then shopping separately and revealing your rings to each other in the wedding ceremony can be a romantic and meaningful experience. 

Wedding Band Styles

Like engagement rings, wedding bands come in countless varieties and styles. Below, we’ll guide you through some of the most popular wedding band choices that may catch your eye:

Matching Wedding Bands

Matching wedding bands are a great way to keep a uniform look between you and your significant other. By shopping together to find the perfect wedding bands that you’ll both love, your rings can stand out as a matching set. You can opt for matching wedding bands that feature the same metals or color schemes and can even choose the same band in taller and thinner sizes for a classic his and hers look.

Classic Metal Bands

Metal bands are an ideal choice for minimalists or someone looking for timeless bands that won’t clash with other jewelry pieces worn throughout the day. These simple designs with classic lines and timeless styles pair perfectly with bold engagement rings to let them shine. These bands can also give a chic and simple everyday look when worn on their own if you don’t plan to wear your engagement ring every day. 

Pavé Bands

If you’re a fan of the sparkle of diamond rings but are looking for something with a unique and intricate design, pavé bands are a perfect choice. Pavé bands can feature a variety of stones; however, diamonds tend to be the most common choice. These bands use fewer prongs to hold the stones in place, giving the design a seamless look with clusters of nestled diamonds. 


If you’re in love with your engagement ring and want your wedding band to complement its beauty, an enhancer band is the way to go. Enhancers pair with your engagement ring to add to its design and blend with its stones and colors. Common enhancer styles include wraps and wishbone designs. Wraps place the engagement ring in the middle of the band to make it the focal point; whereas, wishbone designs support the engagement ring from underneath, providing a sophisticated pairing to any ring. 

Simon G Collection enhancer wedding band

As enhancers compliment your engagement ring, they can come in a variety of choices to best suit your ring. You can find an enhancer for your engagement ring with styles from simple gold metal bands to intricate wraps filled with colorful gemstones. 

Alternative Metals

Alternative metals provide an opportunity to express unique styles. While you may see countless sparkling wedding bands online for women, men’s wedding bands can be left as an afterthought. However, there are more options for men’s rings than ever with alternative metals that can be paired with a variety of textures, like hammered surfaces and carved trims.

Tungsten, cobalt, platinum, and stainless steel offer bold styles that can be great choices for men looking for a simple design with a masculine feel. Try a carbon black look for an eye-catching style that offers a daring, minimalistic look.

Men's Sylvie Collection Wedding Band

Personalized Bands

Make your wedding bands even more special with personalized engravings. You can choose anything from the date of your wedding anniversary to terms of endearment to make your wedding bands truly your own. Keep in mind that personalized bands may add to your timeline, so last-minute shopping may hinder your ability to engrave your bands before the wedding. 

Find Your Wedding Bands with Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

With all the stress of planning the perfect wedding, we’re here to help you make picking out the perfect wedding bands an enjoyable experience for both of you. Whether you know exactly what you want or are looking for an experienced guide to help you pick wedding bands that you’ll surely love long after the big day, Brittany’s Fine Jewelry is here to help. 

Visit our showroom to explore wedding bands and find the style that matches your personal styles and your stunning engagement ring!