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Groomsmen Gift Guide

Man in blue wedding suit

While planning a wedding takes time, it is important to recognize those who are a part of it. Many brides and grooms choose to give a small gift to their bridesmaids and groomsmen. It can be hard to choose a gift that will be useful and impactful for your groomsmen. To narrow your search for the perfect gift, we’ve outlined thoughtful presents that your groomsmen are sure to love.

Your groomsmen help you choose your suit, plan your bachelor party, write a speech to give at the reception, purchase their own suits, and so much more. Your closest friends have put in a lot of hard work to make your wedding day as smooth as possible. To show your appreciation, consider giving thoughtful groomsmen gifts to them either the night of the rehearsal dinner or the morning of the wedding.

Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen


Watches are a great option to give your groomsmen, especially if you have a small group of guys by your side. A watch is a timeless and useful gift that is sure to last for years to come. They are versatile accessories that can be used in any occasion. Whether they’re going to a casual dinner or a professional meeting, a watch is the perfect accessory.


Cufflinks are a subtle piece designed to secure the arm cuffs on a dress shirt. These are suitable for those who want a meaningful, but understated gift. They come in a variety of shapes and designs, but can also be customized to each groomsmen.

You can choose to give cufflinks that are customized with each of your groomsmen’s initials. Or, you could opt for a more unique cufflink that features a printed design or a picture. Cufflinks are a great gift to your groomsmen because they can be worn on the day of your wedding.

Men’s Bracelets

Though not always a traditional gift, bracelets can be the perfect gift for your groomsmen. Men’s bracelets can be simple and understated or be detailed to serve as a statement piece. Whether they are made of gold, silver, or leather, a bracelet is a thoughtful gift that will get daily use. For a more customized gift, opt for a silver or gold bracelet engraved with each of the groomsmen’s names.

Money Clips

Money clips are another great option if you’re looking to give a functional and durable gift that your groomsmen are sure to use on a daily basis. Money clips serve as a great alternative to bulky wallets because they are sleek and sophisticated in design. They can be made out of a variety of materials including leather and metal. Additionally, you could choose to have each one engraved with names, initials, or a funny message.

Other Ideas

If you’re looking for additional options for your groomsmen, check out these gift ideas:

  • Personalized socks
  • Engraved stainless steel cups
  • Customized ball caps
  • Personalized travel bags

We understand that searching for the right gift can be stressful, but it doesn’t always have to be! Whether you’re looking for watches, cufflinks, bracelets, or other custom pieces of men’s jewelry, our team at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry is here to help you choose the perfect gift for each of your groomsmen. Contact us to learn more or stop by our showroom in Gainesville, FL today!