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Engagement Rings: Black Diamond Trend

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

The Black Diamond Engagement Ring Trend

Are you looking for an unconventional ring that is sure to make a statement? Then a black diamond engagement ring may be the perfect fit for you.

Un-traditional brides looking for something out of the ordinary are drawn to black diamonds. Black diamonds are also associated with certainty and passion which makes them a symbolic choice in an engagement ring.

What Are Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are still diamonds and have three different variations.

  • Natural Black Diamonds – Natural black diamonds, also known as carbonados, are simply diamonds that have many inclusions. These inclusions are mostly graphite that prevents the diamond from reflecting light. As a result, a black diamond appears black to the naked eye because the diamond is absorbing all the light that hits it.
  • Treated Black Diamonds – Black diamonds can also be formed from low-value diamonds. The diamonds are deemed low in value because they have a high number of inclusions, but are not quite opaque. To make them appear black, they are heated or irradiated. These are the most budget-friendly option.
  • Manmade / Lab Grown / Synthetic / Simulant Black Diamonds – These are black diamonds that have been created artificially. This method of creating black diamonds is quite uncommon because it is much cheaper and easier to simply make black diamonds from low-value diamonds.

Black Diamond Variations

Black Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Single Black Diamond

Black diamond stones make a statement in themselves. What more could a trendy bride want?

black diamond engagement ring princess cut18k White Gold Cushion Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black Diamond Engagement Ring with diamond bandsBlack diamond engagement ring with diamond halo

Black Diamond Halos

Sometimes a black diamond halo is enough to make a statement, as shown by these rings. They are beautifully detailed with a black diamond halo, adding a touch of flair to a traditional ring.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring with HaloBlack Diamond Engagement Ring with Halo

Black Diamond Accents

In other cases, a black diamond accent is just what’s needed to give the ring a unique sparkle. These black-accented rings pair perfectly with a matching wedding band.

Black Diamond Ribbon Engagement Ring with Wedding BandBlack Diamond Engagement Ring with Black Diamond Accent

Black Diamond Engagement Ring with Black Diamond AccentsEngagement Ring with Black Diamond Accents

Black Diamond with Black Gold

Different colored engagement rings are definitely in style. If you’re looking to go with a style that is totally unique and out-of-the-box, then a black diamond with black gold will definitely be the best choice.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring with Black GoldBlack Diamond Engagement Ring with Black Gold

Black Diamond Engagement Ring with Black GoldBlack Diamond Engagement Ring with Black Diamond Wedding Band

Find a Black Diamond Engagement Ring at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

If you are enticed by the idea of a black diamond engagement ring, let Brittany’s help you find the perfect one. We will usually have you choose your black diamond style first, then find the perfect setting for your diamond. Call or stop by Brittany’s Fine Jewelry and let us help you find the perfect ring!