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Engagement Ring Trends for Holiday 2017

Engagement Ring Trends Holiday 2017 Brittanys Fine Jewelry Gainesville FL

As the holidays approach, another highly anticipated season is right around the corner: engagement season. With each year comes new styles, trends, cuts, and colors in all things engagement rings.

At Brittany’s Fine Jewelry, we have some recommendations on what to keep an eye out for this engagement season.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the warmth of the color coupled with the sophistication of fine jewelry, it’s no surprise that this trend is among the most popular for this engagement season.

Rose gold is the perfect option for those looking for a unique ring with a classic, bridal look. The timelessness of this ring allows it to look great with both modern cut diamonds and vintage gems.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Gabriel Co.

This rose gold ring from Gabriel & Co. is a showstopper. The rose gold accents and highlights the intricate design of the ring.

Colored Stone Engagement Rings

Another emerging trend this engagement season is the use of colored stones rather than white diamonds. This is becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger future-brides-to-be. Sapphires, rubies, opals, and emeralds are some of the more popular gemstones being used.

Simon G Emerald Engagement Ring

The pop of color in this Simon G. ring is the perfect addition to any classic band. The emerald has long been considered a symbol of hope and is said to bring the wearer reason and wisdom.

Halo Setting Engagement Rings

This style is characterized by a row of smaller diamonds surrounding the center diamond. Not only does this add some extra sparkle to your ring, but it can also make the main diamond look bigger than it actually is.

It’s great option for those on a budget with an eye for something that shines. Another great thing about these rings is that there are so many design options, so there’s something for soon-to-be brides of every style and taste.

Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring Sylvie Collection

The Sylvie Collection features beautiful engagement rings of all shapes and sizes, and this halo cut ring with sapphire around the center diamond is no exception.

Engagement Rings with a Unique Cut

Oval-cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval cut diamonds and gemstones are said to be the cut of the season, and it’s easy to why. This elegant shape adds a vintage feel to any stone and is the perfect addition to rings of all shapes and sizes.

In addition to the obvious beauty, oval cut rings offer other benefits you may not realize such as appearing larger than round cut, making your fingers look more slender, and adding extra sparkle.

Opal Engagement Ring Brittany's Fine Jewelry Gainesville FL

Do you think the oval cut is for you? This ring from our store features an oval cut diamond, surrounded by smaller diamonds adding the perfect amount of sparkle.

Pear-shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

A modern alternative to the classic round or princess cut diamond, pear-shaped engagement rings are among the most popular trends for this season. Also known as the “teardrop” cut, these diamonds are intricate and unique. In order to create this particular shape, the diamond cutter will end up cutting 58 surfaces in the gem.

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Brittanys Fine Jewelry Gainesville FL

If you’re looking for a something unique, this modern cut ring by Simon G. could be the ring for you. The sparkle of the smaller diamonds around the pear-shaped center stone will be sure to catch your eye and make a statement.

Twisted Band Engagement Rings

Intertwined bands with their delicate and unique nature, are becoming more and more popular as a modern variation on a traditional style. Incorporating twists into your ring band is a great way to add more sparkle by setting small diamonds in the twists, or keep it simple and classic.

Twisted Band Engagement Rings Sylvie Collection

This collection of twisted band engagement rings by Sylvie Collection are the perfect example of one of this year’s hottest trends. There is so much variety available when it comes to the band shape and color, but the end result is always something noteworthy.

Adjustable Ring Size

An innovation this season by jewelry designer Simon G. is the adjustable ring size. These rings are unlike anything on the market as they can be adjusted up to one full ring size.

There are various factors that can cause your rings not to fit as well as they once did like swelling as a result of heat, dehydration, or pregnancy. Not only that, but some people have knuckles that are larger than the base of their fingers, and this ring is a solution for that as it can expand over the knuckles and then be readjusted for the perfect fit.

adjustable engagement ring Simon G Jewelry

This adjustable ring is the perfect example of comfort without sacrificing beauty. Simon G. makes this ring is a variety of designs, so women of all styles can be sure they’re getting a ring that will last through all stages of life.

Engagement Season at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

If you’re looking for a ring this engagement season, visit Brittany’s Fine Jewelry in Gainesville, FL. We have complete collections featuring engagement rings for every future bride. Or if you’re looking for a style all your own, we also offer custom engagement ringsto ensure your design is one of a kind. Visit our store today, and rest assured that we’ll help you find the ring of your dreams.