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The Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

Earrings display your unique style while also complimenting your unique facial structure. Different earrings draw attention and balance our specific face shapes in different ways. Below, we’ve outlined the best earrings for your face shape.

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 A round face is most similar to a circle. People with a circular face shape have few sharp lines or angles on their chin and cheeks. Round cheeks also give the face a wider, circular shape. If you have a round face, you will want to use longer earrings to create more length in your face. Slender and long-statement earrings will elongate your face.

You should avoid large hoops, as they will create more circular shapes along your already circular face. Additionally, stud earrings may go unnoticed and may make your face appear more round.


An oval face shape is rounded, but longer than the round shape. It’s characterized as the ideal face shape as the natural angles of your face blend together and there is an even distribution of your facial features. Oval faces do not have a wide forehead or chin. 

If you have an oval-shaped face, you can wear any type of earrings without fear of your earrings being too understated or too overpowering. Hoops, studs, or triangle-shaped earrings work wonderfully with this shape as they bring attention to your high cheekbones.

Diamond Hoop Earrings from Sylvie


A heart-shaped face is characterized by having a forehead that is wider than the chin. As you move down, the face gradually narrows. A heart-shaped face is also softer as it moves from the top to the bottom. 

Because of the contrast between a wider forehead and smaller chin, your earrings should be more weighted at the bottom to create a beautiful balance to your face. Opt for teardrop earrings that gradually become wider at the bottom for a beautiful compliment to your face shape.

Inverted Triangle

Much like the heart shape, an inverted triangle face has a wider forehead compared to the chin. But an inverted triangle is more angular compared to the softer heart shape. Striking jawlines and cheekbones characterize the inverted triangle shape. 

Just like the heart-shaped face, you should choose larger earrings that are weighted towards the bottom to balance out your smaller chin. Another great recommendation is to choose dangling earrings that hang away from the face to capture more attention.

Gabriel & Co. Earrings


Similar to the round face shape, a square face is symmetrical all-around, but it has a boxier shape rather than circular. Your forehead and jaw will be equivalent widths to create the square shape. 

To soften your face’s natural angles, stick to rounded earrings such as hoops or circular stud earrings. This will create a lovely pairing between your earrings and your face shape.

Gabriel & Co. Earrings


Diamond faces are characterized by the eyes being the widest part of the face. The chin and forehead are the same width, creating a longer face with the eyes being the main focus. 

Like the inverted triangle, you should avoid earrings that create sharp angles. You’ll want to choose earrings that soften your face’s natural angles. Stick to teardrop earrings that create more drama at the bottom near your smaller chin. Additionally, you can choose to wear beautiful stud earrings.

Antique Inspired Earrings from Sylvie

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