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Daily Activities That Damage Fine Jewelry (and How To Prevent It)

Daily Activities That Damage Fine Jewelry (and How To Prevent It)

Everyone has at least one piece of fine jewelry they can’t go a day without wearing. It may be an engagement ring, a beautiful family heirloom, or a lovely necklace that was an anniversary gift. Whatever the item may be, you may unconsciously be damaging it with your daily routine.

Everyday Activities That Might Damage Fine Jewelry

Applying Lotion or Sunscreen While Wearing Jewelry

It’s an ordinary task to apply lotion, but what we don’t realize is that applying lotion while you are wearing fine jewelry will dull your jewelry piece or leave an unattractive residue on sparkling gemstones. During the summertime, applying sunscreen may be a healthy habit for your skin, but make sure to look out for your fine jewelry pieces. Sunscreen can dull gemstones on your jewelry, much like lotion does.

Cleaning While Wearing Jewelry

While you should maintain the cleanliness of your house and yourself, keep in mind the harmful effects these activities can have on your precious jewelry. Stay away from bleach and chlorine while wearing your jewelry as these chemicals can harm the metal of your jewelry pieces. Refrain from wearing your jewelry in the shower due to the harmful effects soap and hair products can have on the shine and brilliance of your jewelry.

Styling Hair With Jewelry On

styling hair with fine jewelry on jewelry damage

You may put on your fine jewelry pieces before you style your hair, but keep in mind that hair styling products, especially hairspray, are no friend to your precious gemstones. These products can dull the sparkle of your fine jewelry. Make sure to wait until you’re done applying makeup and styling your hair before putting on your fine jewelry.

D-I-Y Jewelry Cleaning Practices That Can Do More Harm Than Good

There’s no problem with a quick cleaning at home to keep your fine jewelry looking brand new, but make sure you are not harming your jewelry with incorrect cleaning practices. Avoid using toothbrushes or toothpaste on your gemstones as this can lead to unwanted scratches and can do more harm than good.

Cooking While Wearing Your Jewelry

cooking while wearing fine jewelry damage jewelry

If you choose to wear your fine jewelry while you prepare or cook meals, be wary of the damage that may occur. You may be working with sharp points that could scratch gemstones or the metal of your jewelry piece. You may also be working with uncooked meats that could expose your jewelry to unwanted germs. It’s best to keep your jewelry free from your meal prep and cooking space to avoid dulling or even damaging your jewelry pieces.

The Best Techniques to Care for Your Fine Jewelry

Use a Microfiber Cloth for Quick Cleaning

As mentioned before, you can be proactive in between professional cleanings and quickly clean your fine jewelry with a Microfiber cloth. Microfiber won’t damage or scratch fine jewelry, but make sure that the cloth is clean.

Invest in a Protective Jewelry Box

jewelry box caring for fine jewelry

It’s important to clean and actively make sure that you are reducing harmful exposure to your fine jewelry pieces. To extend the longevity and the brilliance of your fine jewelry, invest in a protective jewelry box to ensure that your pieces are safe when you are not wearing them. Keep the jewelry box in a dry place to protect the contents.

Be Conscientious of Your Jewelry

It’s easy to forget you’re wearing fine jewelry, but make sure you stay aware of what activities you’re doing that might damage those pieces. Make sure to leave your fine jewelry at home in a safe place if you are partaking in intense activities such as exercising or engaging in manual labor. You can even keep a jewelry dish in places you most often forget to take off fine jewelry, such as by the sink when washing dishes, to remind yourself to take precautions.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

Just like a routine check-up with your doctor or getting your car serviced, you should have your fine jewelry professionally cleaned routinely. At Brittany’s Fine Jewelry, keeping your beautiful fine jewelry clean and sparkling is of utmost importance. Contact us and schedule a professional cleaning appointment to maintain the brilliance of your fine jewelry.