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Taking Care of Antique Jewelry

The Do’s and Don’ts for Your Antique Heirloom

Antique Diamond Jewelry

Antique jewelry is beautifully unique and special. Whether it came from your own grandmother, great grandmother, or is a special gift from your husband or fiancé’s family, a family heirloom usually has great meaning. Because of its rarity and meaning, it’s important to take care of antique jewelry to ensure it lasts generations to continue the tradition.

So, how should you take care of heirloom diamonds? Check out our tips below to keep your diamonds sparkling forever.

General Care for Antique Heirlooms

In general, antique jewelry should be treated with just as much care as your engagement ring, diamond bracelet, or any other piece of fine jewelry. Learn the do’s and don’ts for taking care of your jewelry below!

Do not:

  • Wear your fine jewelry while exercising. Even rings should be taken off to protect it against dirt, sweat, and banged up by using your hands.
  • Wear antique jewelry while using harsh cleaning chemicals. Bleaching the toilet, cleaning the swimming pool, or even common gardening chemicals can affect some metals.
  • Clean antique jewelry with salt water or Ultra Sonic cleaners. Salt water is a corrosive substance that can damage certain metals. Ultra Sonic cleaners are great for modern jewelry; however, can damage many fine antique jewelry.

Do not wear jewelry while baking or cooking


  • Wear your antique jewelry while cooking. Because of the age of your precious metals, stones and diamonds are often easily loosened. The last thing you would want is your diamond falling into your cookie dough.
  • Store your antique diamonds in sunlight, humidity, or cold spaces. Especially in Florida, it’s important to not store your fine piece in direct sunlight or humid temperatures.


  • Get your jewelry fitted by a certified jeweler. There is nothing worse than receiving an heirloom ring that is too small or too large. While resizing antique jewelry can be tough, it can be done is some cases. Take your heirloom to a certified jeweler to talk about your options.
  • Take your antique to a jeweler to get it cleaned. Harsh and modern chemicals can damage and discolor your piece. Be sure to always consult a professional to deep clean your piece. Periodically, you may use a damp lint-free cloth to remove dust and dirt.
  • Store your antiques in a special jewelry box where it is free from getting scratched or bent. Be sure to store it in its own nook, drawer, or space away from the bulk of your jewelry.
  • Examine your heirloom periodically to inspect it for loose diamonds, broken prongs, or bent metals.
  • Wear it! Many people feel too afraid to wear their grandmother’s precious stones. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your antiques as long as you treat it with care.

Antique Jewelry

Caring for Your Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry from a loved one is very special. If antique jewelry is taken care of properly, it can be something you can continue to pass down for generations. If you have antique heirloom jewelry you would like a professional to look at and inspect, call Brittany’s Fine Jewelry in Gainesville, Florida. From jewelry repair to resizing to cleaning, we take pride in the quality of services we can provide. Learn more about our jewelry services here.