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The ASPIRI Diamond is Now at Brittany’s

A Beautiful Partnership with the Brilliant ASPIRI Diamond

We have exciting news! Brittany’s Fine Jewelry has recently partnered with Maiden Lane to provide our customers with exclusive access to the ASPIRI diamond, the stunning new cut of diamond that defines Maiden Lane. In honor of this new partnership, we would like to explain more about the creators of this breathtaking cut as well as the remarkable qualities of the ASPIRI cut itself.

The Creator of the ASPIRI Diamond

Maiden Lane Jewelry Ltd., formerly Romantique Jewelry, is a unique jewelry company that produces complete engagement ring sets and other jewelry products. Though the company changed its name in April of 2014, the executives have been in the jewelry business for three generations.  They are dedicated to drawing inspiration from the past in order to reimagine priceless new products for modern brides.

ASPIRI Diamond Ring

Feature of the ASPIRI Diamond

The ASPIRI diamond that Maiden Lane creates is truly a mark of innovation in the fine jewelry industry. In an effort to achieve the greatest potential for sparkle and drama in each diamond, Maiden Lane’s jewelry craftsmen developed a unique cutting technique by which they can fashion “a dazzling cushion brilliant cut diamond that catches the light from all angles.”

The cutting technique applied to ASPIRI diamonds focuses on the “Fifth C” for diamonds, which means crown coverage. Due to this technique, ASPIRI diamonds are about 125-150% the face size of similarly weighted, traditionally cut diamond center stones. This diamond is a timeless yet technologically advanced stone. It is clearly the ideal choice for today’s glamorous woman.

ASPIRI Diamond Necklace

The Value of the ASPIRI Diamond

The ASPIRI diamond also offers economy to more frugal lovers of fine jewelry. Due to the revolutionary cutting technique, the center stone appears up to 50% larger than a similar stone of equal carat weight. The halo settings surrounding each ASPIRI diamond only enhance the radiance of these cushion brilliant cuts. The enlarged look and emphasized beauty from the same old carat weight lead to a significant spike in value, and all of these features are sure to drop jaws. Maiden Lane also supplies matching bands to many of the engagement rings in its bridal collection, a move that saves prudent brides even more time and money.

ASPIRI Diamond Engagement Ring

Find the ASPIRI Diamond at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

Both the Maiden Lane website and the ASPIRI cut website showcase the endless luxury of ASPIRI diamonds with high-resolution videos and images. The ASPIRI website displays both the complete bridal collection and the complete jewelry collection, but in order to secure all of the resplendence of the ASPIRI diamond for yourself, you must visit Brittany’s Fine Jewelry in Gainesville. We look forward to affording you the magical moment in which you get your first glimpse of an ASPIRI diamond!

ASPIRI Diamond Earrings