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8 Things You Should Know Before Buying Diamonds Online

Internet Diamond Comparison Brittanys Fine Jewelry Gainesville FL

Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to find diamonds and other fine jewelry. However, it’s important to know the risk of shopping for buying diamonds online before you buy, as your jewelry is an investment and should not be taken too lightly.

As a trusted jeweler in Gainesville, FL for over 32 years, we have seen Internet diamonds miss the mark time and time again. To help our customers make the best decision possible, we’ve compiled a list of things you should know before you buy a diamond online.

#1. The Most Important Thing About Diamonds

The most important thing about a diamond cannot be found by looking at numbers on the internet. Sparkle… Fire… Beauty. It is impossible to look at the specifications on a report or appraisal and know how much the diamond will sparkle.

#2. It’s Forever

This is maybe the most precious article that your mate will ever own. Sharing the experience of how you took the time to look at many diamonds and selected the perfect diamond will be worth all the effort. This feeling can’t be achieved looking at diamonds online. Only in a store will you have the chance to see two or more diamonds side by side for comparison.

#3. Mistakes Are Made

Over the years we have seen several cases where a diamond was purchased over online and the grading report supplied with it didn’t match the diamond sent. Was this a mistake or a shady dealer? Why take that chance? Will you even know if you don’t receive the grade of diamond for which you paid? Returning a diamond can be a real hassle too.

#4. Have a Professional Pick a Diamond for You

Brittany’s Fine Jewelry has been in business and selecting diamonds for over 32 years. We look through hundreds of diamonds to select five or six diamonds that are fine enough for our inventory. There are many reasons that 99% of the diamonds we examine are rejected because we only want the best of the best for our clients.

#5. Knowledge

The professionals at Brittany’s can meet with you one on one and educate you on the factors that make one diamond more valuable than another. Our professionals can also discuss the different metals available and help you decide which one fits your mate’s style and lifestyle best.

#6. Service

Our jewelers can set your diamonds and we’ll clean and check it as often as you want to bring it in to the store. If work is required on the mounting after the warranty period we always take into consideration if the piece was purchased at Brittany’s and offer a discounted price for the service.

#7. Your Money Stays Local

When you shop with Brittany’s your money stays in your community. It circulates in the local economy and doesn’t end up out of state in a corporate account. It is used to employ a team that buys housing, cars, and visits local restaurants and shops. Some proceeds are donated to local charities, just another way that buying local helps your neighbors.

#8. Even Buying With a Report Doesn’t Protect You

The two diamonds in the picture above received the exact same grade from one of the most prestigious and respected grading lab in the United States; The Gemological Institute of America. They were each graded SI1 in clarity and H in color. Each diamonds’ polish, symmetry, and cut was listed as excellent, excellent, and excellent on the report and neither stone displayed fluorescence. On paper these stones should sell at the same price, in your mind do you think the one on the right is as valuable as the one of the left? This brings us back to sparkle.

Trust the Professionals at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

Whatever jewelry you desire, the professionals at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry offer you the experience, service, and expertise to help you choose the best diamond for your money. We believe fine jewelry is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly, and we take our time to make sure you’re well-informed and comfortable with your investment. There are some things that you simply should see in person before buying, and we believe diamonds and jewelry are one of those things. Visit our store today to see our selection of quality jewelry, you won’t be disappointed!