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Five Wedding Jewelry Trends for 2018

wedding jewelry 2018

We are already seeing the biggest wedding trends of 2018! While there are so many wedding trends to follow, these are the five top trends for wedding jewelry we love for brides in 2018.

Jewelry on Your Wedding Day

While most people think of wedding dress, it’s important to consider the jewelry you are wearing with that dress. Jewelry showcases your personality, compliments your dress, and carries the theme of your wedding into your look. While the amount and style of the jewelry you choose to wear can vary, there’s no doubt that it’s an important component.

Wedding Jewelry Trends for 2018

Rose Gold

The first trend in wedding jewelry is rose gold. We’ve seen rose gold pop up everywhere this past year, from accessories to electronics to even hair! Rose gold can be mixed with other metals, making it a great choice when mixing up your jewelry. It has been described as “vintage and romantic.” Rose gold also compliments almost every skin tone, so it’s a versatile option for every bride.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Gabriel Co.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen rose gold. Rose gold was popularized by Carl Fabergé, the creator of the Fabergé egg, when he combined yellow gold with copper. Rose gold became a hit in the 1920’s, but didn’t resurface until 2016 when Pantone, for the first time, had a duo for the color of the year. Along with a beautiful blue color named “serenity”, they highlighted “Rose Quartz” which was a nod to the rose gold trend.

Rose gold can be incorporated into your wedding look with an engagement ring, wedding band, statement earrings, or even a delicate necklace. Whatever you choose, rose gold is sure to look great with your wedding.


minimalist jewelry wedding

The next trend is for those brides that put emphasis on simplicity. Minimalism is sleek and modern that can be traced to the “declutter” trend. 2018 is the year of “less is more” and this can be carried over into your wedding.

If you prefer quality over quantity with your wedding jewelry, minimalism might be the trend for you. Dainty necklaces with symbolic meanings are a great way to keep things simple, but add to the bride’s wedding look. Simple stud earrings are also a common choice for a minimalist look.

Minimalism is great for brides who want clean lines and to shift the focus from their jewelry onto other components of their big day like the dress or the ceremony.

Back Necklaces

back necklace wedding

Another trend to try for your wedding jewelry is back necklaces. These are a great choice for those brides that opted for an open-back wedding dress. You can create attention to a dramatic open-back with a long back necklace.

This trend was first introduced by celebrities on the red carpet. Beautiful back necklaces add a touch of drama, but compliment the gorgeous dresses that they are wearing. This is a great way to step out of your comfort zone if you are anything but traditional.

Back necklaces are a great choice for brides who want to be sophisticated, but also daring. It’s an easy trend to incorporate into your wedding and perfect for more formal ceremonies.

Layered Jewelry

The layered jewelry trend is a happy medium if you don’t want a completely minimalist look, but aren’t ready for an entirely dramatic look for your wedding jewelry. Like the minimalist look, layered jewelry is a great choice for those who want to incorporate sentimental items into their jewelry.

With necklaces, the best “stack” is composed of 3-4 necklaces. You can typically start with a choker, then add pendant necklaces. You can incorporate an initial necklaces or a simple bar necklace.

Layered jewelry creates drama and fills the space above your wedding dress. It can give more sparkle and add movement to your wedding look.

Statement Earrings

yellow statement earrings

Finally, statement earrings are popular among brides this wedding season. Shoulder duster earrings are the most common choice when it comes to earrings. By creating a statement with these earrings, you can draw attention to beautiful updos.

Statement earrings are a great choice if you are choosing to make a statement with only one jewelry piece. It’s also common to only wear statement earrings and no other jewelry besides your rings. This is great for those brides who don’t want to invest in a lot of jewelry for their big day.

These earrings can fit any style or taste. For a fun look, choose some tassel earrings. For a romantic and vintage look, you can opt for some beautiful diamond drop earrings.

Wedding Jewelry at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

While there are so many trends to choose from when it comes to wedding jewelry, Brittany’s Fine Jewelry can help narrow down your choices. Stop by our store and browse our large selection of statement jewelry and delicate pieces. Whatever your taste may be, we can help you find the perfect pieces for your wedding day.