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A Complete Guide to Gold Engagement Rings: Types, Techniques, & More

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When it comes to gold, most people know the phrase “24 karat”, but get lost when jewelers dive into the more complex details of gold jewelry, such as gold alloys and durability. While shopping for your divine piece of jewelry, especially engagement rings, it’s important to have an understanding of the different types of gold and how to best care for it. We’re here to help you fully understand gold jewelry types, maintenance, and how to shop for gold jewelry.

All About Gold

Interestingly, most of the gold jewelry you see or own is not 24 karat gold. This is because pure gold is a soft metal and is too fragile for everyday wear. Gold used in jewelry is made of an alloy, a mixture of metals, and is often mixed with copper, silver, nickel, zinc, or platinum. The percentage of gold in your jewelry is measured by karats (K.)

For instance, a reading of 18K would mean about 75% of your article of jewelry is gold. When selecting your gold jewelry, it is important to think of the exposure that piece will receive in everyday use. For jewelry that isn’t exposed to daily activities, such as necklaces and earrings, 14-18k is appropriate. Additionally, because gold jewelry is made with an alloy, a variety of colors are available when selecting your gold.

Which Gold for Engagement Rings?

Gold can come in a variety of forms for your fine jewelry piece and can affect your final decision. It can seem overwhelming to decide on the perfect gold piece, especially when it comes to engagement ring shopping. A lot of pressure hangs over the perfect selection of this timeless piece of jewelry, that’s why we understand how important it is for you to know the types of gold. Each type of gold engagement rings comes with benefits, as outlined below.

Yellow Gold

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Since gold was first discovered, people have been drawn to its rarity and sparkle. Although gold jewelry has to be mixed with other metals, yellow gold holds the truest color of pure gold. Due to this, people fall in love with its regal and timeless look.

Additionally, yellow gold is the most versatile band when selecting a diamond. Diamond color ranges from whites to more warmer hues.. Yellow gold accentuates the white of the diamond allowing warmer gems to seem whiter.

White Gold

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White gold has become increasingly popular in the past century due to the similar look of platinum. Platinum is a popular choice for a wedding band because it is about 30 times more rare than gold and is able to be made with a purer alloy. However, to the naked eye white gold and platinum look very similar and most people can’t spot the difference. White gold is mixed with white metals such as silver and palladium and has a lower price than pure platinum.

Rose Gold

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In the past few decades, the pinkish hue of rose gold has gained the attention of many couples due to its romantic look. This type of gold is popular because it can be used for both his and her wedding bands. Rose gold gives off a hint of pink from the copper that is mixed into it. Similar to yellow gold, the tint of the pink allows warmer diamonds to appear lighter.

How to Protect Your Gold Jewelry

After purchasing your jewelry, your knowledge doesn’t stop there. There are numerous ways to maintain the glow of your gold.

Caring for Gold Jewelry

If possible, a separate box for each gold piece is ideal, however simply separating each piece with individual cloth works just as well. This will help the gold from rubbing off on each other and protects them from entangling. Additionally, it is important to be cautious about where you wear your gold. Activities that involve harsh chemicals or environments should be avoided while wearing your gold, such as the beach and pool.

Gold Jewelry Cleaning

Gold is loved for its natural beauty, however, every now and then, you’ll have to take the time to carefully clean your jewelry. Taking the time to dust off your jewelry with a clean cloth can help prolong your next visit to the jewelers. There are techniques for cleaning at home, however, we don’t recommend them as they can lead to damage. When it comes to deep cleaning we offer our professional services here at Brittany’s and are more than happy to bring the shine back into your favorite piece.

Find Your Perfect Gold Jewelry Piece at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry

While shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry can be stressful for any occasion theses tips will surely make your experience simpler. Gold’s natural beauty creates fine jewelry that is perfect for any occasion. View our gold jewelry pieces in our showroom to find your next dazzling accessory.