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Gemstone & Birthstone Jewelry

gemstone bracelet with blue yellow pink orange stones

Gemstone jewelry is guaranteed to make a statement, no matter what jewelry piece you choose to wear. Gemstones draw the eye to your jewelry pieces with their vivid colors. They also offer a multitude of benefits and symbolic meanings. You can choose to wear gemstone jewelry featuring your birthstone or simply just to stand out. Gemstones are a colorful way to showcase beautiful jewelry and your personality.

Birthstone Jewelry

birthstone earrings simon g

Birthstones have been around since biblical times and hold significance throughout history. It’s no surprise that they are still incorporated in jewelry today. This is the most popular gemstone jewelry trend because these stones bring more than just color. Birthstones have deeper meanings catered to you specifically, making them a great gift and an even better jewelry piece to wear every day. These pieces can even be seen as a good luck charm!

Gemstone Engagement Rings

gabriel & co sapphire halo engagement ring in white gold

One of the most important jewelry pieces a woman will receive during her lifetime is an engagement ring. Gemstone engagement rings are a great option for those who want to stand out. Gemstone engagement rings are anything but ordinary and create an impact. Gemstone engagement rings also are more affordable option because you can get a larger stone for less money compared to diamond engagement rings.

Gemstone Earrings

gabriel & co emerald stud earrings with diamonds

Earrings add sparkle to any outfit, whether it is an everyday look or if you are attending a formal event. You can choose to be subtle with gemstone stud earrings or make an impact with dramatic gemstone statement earrings. These make great gifts and can take your outfit from simple to stunning instantly.

Gemstone Bracelets

simon g gemstone bracelet with sapphire

You can add a touch of color to your wrist with an enchanting gemstone bracelet. Bracelets can hold deeper meanings that can serve as a reminder when working or using your hands. They are a simple way to add shimmer to your wrist and can be worn every day. Gemstone bracelets make great gifts for anniversaries or birthdays.

Gemstone Necklaces

gemstone pendant necklace with diamonds

Gemstone necklaces can soon become a staple in your wardrobe. The great thing about gemstone necklaces is that they are available in different lengths to create different impressions. A simple pendant gemstone necklace is a subtle way to add meaning and sparkle to your work outfit. A dramatic riviera gemstone necklace can serve as an eye-catching addition to a more formal outfit.

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