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Jewelry Repair and Remounting


With over fifty years of combined experience, you can trust Brittany’s Fine Jewelers to handle any and all of your jewelry repair needs. Whether you require a simple fix for a personal piece or the complete restoration of a family heirloom, we will apply the highest level of skill and discretion to the care of your jewelry.

Whether a diamond or stone needs replacement, or a ring needs resizing, our skilled jeweler meticulously makes repairs. We make sure there are no visible marks or seams from cutting and soldering, or loose stones. Below are some typical repairs we offer:

Resizing, replacement of broken or missing stones, tightening of stones, rebuilding of broken or worn prongs, complete restoration, or remounting into a new setting.

Chains and bracelets
Shortening or replacement of clasps.

Tighten stones, rebuild worn bails or jump rings.

Tennis or gemstone bracelets
Shortening, replacement of broken or missing stones, tighten stones, rebuilding of broken or worn prongs, repair and/or replace worn hinges and clasps, or complete restoration.

Replacement of broken or missing stones, tighten stones, rebuilding of broken or worn prongs, repair and/or replace posts and backs, or complete restoration.

Battery replacement and band adjustments (most can be done while you wait).

Restringing, shortening or lengthening of the strand, repair or replace clasps.


In addition to traditional jewelry repairs, we offer remounting services.

Reasons to remount old jewelry:

  • Update – Jewelry has seasons and eras, just like the fashion industry.  There are designs that are considered “classic” and then there are those that, twenty years later, look dated and gaudy.  Remounting is a wonderful way to give your jewelry a new, fashionable life.
  • Merge – Sometimes for sentimental reasons, you will want to merge two or more pieces of jewelry into a symbolic new piece. Remounting engagement rings into mother’s rings or pendants when the engagement ring is traded up for a new ring or diamond.

If you would like to revamp one of your most valued pieces, come browse through our sizable collection of catalogs featuring the latest settings from our various designers. If you do not find the mounting of your dreams among the pre-made options, our jewelers would be more than happy to discuss custom options.

Whether your fine jewelry is in need of repairs or you seek to revive a piece of jewelry by remounting, we can help. Our repair and remounting services will ensure that your jewelry lasts your lifetime and beyond as an heirloom for future generations. We recommend that you check the condition of your fine jewelry regularly. Brittany’s Fine Jewelry offers complimentary professional jewelry cleaning services in addition to repairs, remounting, and appraisals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work with you to supply stupendous care for your fine jewelry.