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The ASPIRI Diamond is Now at Brittany’s

A Beautiful Partnership with the Brilliant ASPIRI Diamond

We have exciting news! Brittany’s Fine Jewelry has recently partnered with Maiden Lane to provide our customers with exclusive access to the ASPIRI diamond, the stunning new cut of diamond that defines Maiden Lane. In honor of this new partnership, we would like to explain more about the creators of this breathtaking cut as well as the remarkable qualities of the ASPIRI cut itself.

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Alexandrite: A June Birthstone

One beautifully colored gem serving as a June birthstone is the exquisite alexandrite. It is said that, in the 1830s, mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiold discovered alexandrite in the Ural Mountains of Russia on the sixteenth birthday of Alexander II. He named the stone in honor of the future Czar Alexander II of Russia. While this is a popular story of the discovery of Alexandrite,

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